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Sandra West
Tuesday 1/23/18 7:40 am
Backcountry Film Festival
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Robert Benjamin
Tuesday 1/23/18 8:00 am
Upcoming Theater Performances

Father Theophan
Tuesday 1/23/18 8:40 am
Movie: Becoming Truly Human

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The County Clerk's office would like to remind anyone interested in running for office that, pursuant to State election code, every person appearing as a candidate on the primary or general election ballot shall be a candidate only under the name and party affiliation designation appearing on the existing voter registration on file in the county clerk's office on the date of the governor's proclamation of a primary election. This year, the date of issuance of that proclamation will be Monday, January 29. These offices are open for election in 2018 and filing day is March 13: Magistrate Judge, Municipal Judge, Four positions on the County Council, County Assessor, County Sheriff and Probate Judge For more information call the county clerk’s office at 662-8010 or visit their webpage.

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