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Kevin Honnell, Jennifer Guy
Thursday 8/21/14 7:40 am
Los Alamos Public Schools
LAPS School Board

Ann Cooke
Thursday 8/21/14 8:10 am
Robotics night
Bradbury Science Museum

Allison Majure
Thursday 8/21/14 8:40 am

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Wednesday August 20
Los Alamos County Traffic crews recently began replacing the standard traffic signal pedestrian pushbuttons with new ADA compliant accessible pedestrian signals (APS). The new APS pushbutton stations are making it much easier for visually impaired pedestrians to cross streets. These APS have a loudspeaker integrated into the pushbutton which announces the location and gives verbal instructions. The APS also includes tactually discriminable arrows aligned in the direction of travel of the associated crosswalk which vibrates during the walk interval and raised braille lettering on the crossing sign. The standard walk indication is both visual and audible followed by a visual and audible countdown of the time remaining. Another important feature of the APS is a pushbutton locator tone which lets the user know they need to push a button to request pedestrian timing and get a walk indication. The tone comes from the housing of the pushbutton and thus helps pedestrians who are visually impaired to locate the button. All tones and audible signals are responsive to ambient sounds and automatically increase in volume when ambient noise is louder, while decreasing in volume when ambient noise decreases. Future plans call for the installation of APS stations at all intersections within Los Alamos County.

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