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Dr. Terry McNearney
Thursday 7/28/16 7:40 am
New Viruses: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Albuquerque International Association public lecture

Paul Andrus
Thursday 7/28/16 8:40 am
LAC Community Development Director
Sign, Housing Rehab, Code Enforcement

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Local News Highlights

The Los Alamos Middle School WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) Crew became an official member of Thanks A Million during the 2015/16 school year. Thanks A Million allows organizations to adopt military personnel and send them uplifting letters and care packages. The WEB Crew will begin sending mail in the next school year. Their first contact is with a former Los Alamos student who is now serving in Arifjan, Kuwait. The local Thanks A Million coordinator is looking to connect with more Los Alamos alumni (or their families) who are now serving in any branch of the military abroad. Those who wish to provide addresses can call the WEB Crew Coordinator at (505) 470-0841. LAMS teacher Ted Atkins and his shop students crafted a mailbox that the school and the entire community can use to send items to the troops. The mailbox was made available at the Middle School from 8 am to 3 pm beginning July 22nd. The local program has agreed to follow the guidelines for sending out mail that were laid out by Thanks A Million: All cards and letters must be submitted to the school in unsealed envelopes. The efforts of the WEB Crew were made possible by a donation from the Fidel Gutierrez Foundation. The project welcomes donations that will go toward paying the postage for future mailings. They can be sent to the WEB Crew at 2101 Hawk Drive.

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