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Dr. Hunter McDaniel
Monday 8/29/16 7:40 am
President of UbiQD

Rossana Sallenave
Monday 8/29/16 8:40 am
Extension Aquatic Ecology Specialist at NMSU
Speaking at PEEC

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Los Alamos National Laboratory is conducting an emergency preparedness exercise on Friday, Aug. 26. It is only an exercise. The Laboratory routinely conducts emergency exercises to test the preparedness of emergency response and other LANL personnel who would respond to an actual emergency. Other agencies participating in this planned exercise include Los Alamos County and the Los Alamos Medical Center. During the exercise, Laboratory employees may see emergency response vehicles with their lights running in the area of the Pajarito Corridor/Pecos Road as well as heavy activity around the Los Alamos Medical Center. “Exercise in Progress” signs will be in place to alert employees and the public that an emergency exercise is taking place. Note: there will be some traffic control along Pecos Road but it won't be closed to traffic. Emergency Operations works closely with participating LANL organizations to keep employees and the community apprised of real or simulated emergency exercises. Questions? Contact Laura Kelly of Los Alamos' Emergency Management Group at either 665-4993 or 500-7273.

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