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Ellie Simons
Monday 9/23/19 7:40 am
Middle School Fundraiser

Maria Taylor
Monday 9/23/19 8:40 am
Self Help

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As part of the NM502 Road Reconstruction Project, Parker Construction will be tying in a new section of gas line at the DP Road/Trinity intersection. Gas and air will be purged from the line several times between the hours of 5 a.m. and noon on Monday, Sept. 23 and again on Wednesday, Sept. 25. During the purging operation, citizens may smell natural gas and hear loud noises usually associated with the controlled release of gas from the pipe. Vehicle traffic may be stopped for short periods of time to minimize any potential sources of ignition. Purging is necessary to safely release gas and air out of the line and into the atmosphere to safely pressurize the new system. The procedure is performed under strict federal regulatory requirements and is safe.

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