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Tamara Baer
Tuesday 9/27/16 7:40 am
Los Alamos County
Comprehensive Plan Updates

George Marsden
Tuesday 9/27/16 8:40 am
High Tea Fundraiser
Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church

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Local News Highlights

San Ildefonso Road – Natural Gas, Electric and Fiber Optic Project
Crews will be purging an existing segment of new natural gas pipeline on Monday and Tuesday before connecting the newly installed line. The work will be performed behind the north curb on San Ildefonso Rd between Hawk Drive and North Mesa Rd. “Purging” is necessary to safely release to the atmosphere any remaining natural gas from an existing section of pipeline. This is done so that workers can connect new facilities to it, under strict federal regulatory requirements. During the purging operations, neighbors may smell natural gas and hear loud noises usually associated with the controlled release of gas from the pipe. Vehicle traffic may be interrupted on San Ildefonso Rd for short periods of time to minimize any potential sources of ignition. The procedure is a conventional one, and DPU crews will be on site to monitor the operation at all times.

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