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Pete Sheehey
Wednesday 9/27/17 7:40 am
County Councilor
Recap Last Night's Meeting

Helen Milenski and Heather Ortega
Wednesday 9/27/17 8:40 am
County Yard Ordinance

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Seven areas within Los Alamos have been identified as prime spots to clear brush and dead trees, along with some still-living trees, to prevent or slow down the next big wildfire that may head toward Los Alamos. They include the Villa Bench; the Walnut Bench; Ponderosa Estates Range Road; North Loma Linda, Camino Redondo; the North Horse Stable Bench; and the Camino Uva Project. The Alamos Fire department has a $400,000 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, including $52,000 for developing an environmental assessment of fire hazards within the county. Three years remain to spend the large grant. Current mitigation projects are near the Canyon Rim Trail in Los Alamos and east of Rover in White Rock.

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