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Laura McClellan
Monday 8/3/15 7:40 am
Authors of Origins

Heb Funsten
Monday 8/3/15 8:40 am
Frontiers in Science lecture

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As prescribed in the County's contract amendment AGR15-4150-A1 for Strapline Development and Selection Services, Atlas Advertising has submitted five choices for a possible strapline for Los Alamos County. A strapline (also referred to as a tagline) is one element of a place brand. It is typically a 3-5 word formal line of copy frequently placed below a logo. A strapline should summarize the unique aspects of a community, evoke emotion and last the life of the brand. As dictated by the contract, one of the choices for a strapline is the existing Where Discoveries Are Made, one is a choice selected from previous branding consultant North Star's suggestion provided in 2014 (Never Stop Questioning What's Possible) and three are new choices created by Atlas, at the request of the citizen/county Branding Review Committee (the Committee). The three new choices to consider from Atlas are: •All the Elements of Imagination •Limitless Horizons •Peak Experience Over the next month, the Committee is assisting Atlas in soliciting public feedback to select the top TWO choices from the five options presented here. This includes gathering data from residents, businesses, tourists and visitors to Los Alamos in a variety of ways. You are asked to prioritize the list of 5 straplines (listed in alphabetical order in the survey below), with special emphasis on placing your top two choices at the top of the list first, then prioritizing the remaining three straplines. You have the option to provide comments about your selections. If you do not prefer ANY of the straplines, or, only prefer one of the straplines, move the None of the Straplines ranking option to first or second position to indicate your ranking accordingly. Open Forum will be open to collect data on the five straplines until Friday, August 28 at 5:00 p.m.

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