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Trading Post for Tuesday, March 21 2017

Super sturdy 3 bike carrier for 1 inch trailer hitch. Made in the USA. Excellent condition lockable. Cost $150 new. Sacrifice for $25. Call 505.-660-3231.
Full size Brass Bed Frame - $75 Just add the box spring and mattress and you are good to go. (505) 412-5443

Black freestanding metal clothes rack with overhead shelf - $30 text (631) 282-8233
Red wriggler compost worms $20 These worms have been twice over-wintered outdoors in Los Alamos; they are robust and hearty. The purchase includes two or more gallons of worm filled compost to get your own compost system started, including both adult worms and hundreds (or thousands) of larval worms. Composting literature from researched sources will also be included upon request. Contact (505) 500 – 6684
510 Sq ft ceramic tile - $350 vitropiso color (mottled tan) still in boxes call or text (505) 927-6230
8-12 person Pottery Barn Dining Table Off white country style $199 Square, 5 feet by 5 feet (expandable to 5 feet by 7.5 feet, includes two 16 inch leaves) call or text (310) 498-3975
Igloo Dog House - $60 text (505) 660-6506





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