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Pam Jenoff
Wednesday 4/26/17 7:40 am
The Orphan's Tale

Paula Sanchez
Wednesday 4/27/17 8:40 am
Savvy caregiver's class

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Bandelier National Monument has announced that the park is re-initiating a planning effort to prepare a new Fire Management Plan and Environmental Assessment. The resulting plan will guide the full range of wildland fire program activities that will support land and resource management objectives. In 2013, Bandelier solicited public feedback regarding this Fire Management Plan. Now Bandelier is re-opening the public comment period in order to include newly identified issues, including the listing of the Jemez Mountains salamander as endangered under the Endangered Species Act, and the 2013 flash flooding events in the monument. The purpose of the proposed Fire Management Plan for Bandelier National Monument is to comply with new national and National Park Service (NPS) policies, and to incorporate new scientific information into fire management planning within parks. Since the monument’s last Fire Management Plan was prepared in 2005, high-intensity fires, long periods of drought, and severe flooding have resulted in changes to the ecosystem that are not reflected in that past plan. In preparing a new Fire Management Plan for Bandelier, the NPS seeks to provide management direction that reflects these environmental changes and complies with the latest wildland fire management policies.

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