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Gene Mortensen and Coach Garett Williams
Thursday 8/16/18 7:40 am
LAHS Football Season Preview

Thursday 8/16/18 8:40 am
Department of Public Utilities
review last meeting

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The Los Alamos Police Department would like to remind motorists that school starts this today. Officers will be out in school zones for traffic enforcement to ensure that all students, parents and staff are safe as the community transitions into another school year. LAPD also reminds motorists to stop for school busses when their red lights are flashing and students are loading and unloading. This pertains to traffic traveling in both directions. Here are three things to remember on the first day of school. A message to students from the LAPS superintendent Kurt Steinhaus. First, most students are filled with mixed emotions – excitement, uneasiness, happiness about seeing friends, and maybe even a little fear about what lies ahead. You are not alone. When in doubt, ask. If you feel sad, talk to someone. We are here to listen, help, and point you in the right direction. Second, grit trumps everything else! The definition of grit includes staying focused on a goal, perseverance, resilience and just plain hard work. And the whole idea of developing grit at school has emerged as a significant indicator for success – even more than IQ and talent combined. It’s the part of you that simply will not give up. And third, your future is yours to create and the future depends upon the actions you take in the present. Yes, it is up to you. Just remember that failures are stepping-stones to success. If you fail 5 times, be ready for an achievement the 6th time. Proceed with the thought that there are many wonderful experiences in your future. Come to school every day ready to learn. School is important and sometimes intense. Remember that not everything is within our control. Work hard for the things you can do something about, and don’t waste energy on the things you clearly can’t control.

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